3 Skin Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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3 Skin Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Amazing skin starts with simple skin care techniques. If you want great-looking skin you need to avoid these 3 mistakes most people are making.

You’ve tried it all.

Your skin care regimen has included everything from anti-aging cream to facials and do-it-yourself masks.

Now what?

Hold off on buying another expensive skin care product. Instead, save your wallet and double check your current techniques.

Many skin remedies start at home. The secret to better skin can lie in a few minor tweaks to your daily routine.

Amazing skin starts with a few simple skin care techniques that many people get wrong. Here are three skin care mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

Not Wearing the Right Sunscreen

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We all know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen. But you’d be surprised to learn just how big of an impact the sun has on skin.

In fact, 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun.

Sunscreen is incredibly important in preventing sun damage and unnecessary aging.

However, simply lathering up isn’t an effective strategy.

For one, you need to find the right sunscreen.

Most sunscreen will protect you from sunburn-causing UV rays. But many fail to protect you from the rays that are detrimental to your skin.

By switching to mineral sunscreen, you’ll be better prepared to fight off harmful rays. It’s also a healthier option because it’s less likely to cause cell damage or to trap heat in your body.

Remember – prevention is the best method when it comes to treating sun damage.

Not Exfoliating Correctly

One simple skin care technique is exfoliating or removing the outer layer of dead skin cells.

This simple process can lead to better skin appearance. It gets rid of dry skin while allowing for smoother, healthier skin to surface.

However, many people exfoliate incorrectly. This can actually be harmful to your skin’s health.

Scrubbing too hard or too frequently can destroy a protective barrier from your skin. This can lead to long-term issues including vulnerability to the sun and harmful toxins.

Doctors recommend that you limit at-home exfoliation to once or twice per week.

Those with more oily or thicker skin can exfoliate more frequently, as much as once per day.

Washing Your Face With Makeup On

There’s nothing wrong with washing your face as long as you’ve taken off your makeup first.

When you wash your face with makeup still on, your skin care cleaner mixes with your makeup.

Your moisturizer isn’t supposed to mix with foundation.

A more effective strategy is to use makeup remover first and then begin cleaning your skin.

On the other hand, let your moisturizer absorb before putting on your foundation.

Your makeup will have layering issues if you don’t let your skin care product fully absorb.

It might take extra time, but it’s worth it for great-looking skin.

Your Simple Skin Care

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Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’ve made some of those mistakes it’s not too late to make a change.

Your perfect skin is only a small change away.

What are some other skin care mistakes you’ve made? Leave us a comment to tell us about your skin care experience!

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