5 Reasons to Use Cruelty Free cosmetics

cruelty free skin care
Not tested on animals

Natural Skin Care: 5 Reasons to Use Cruelty Free

We’re giving you the top 5 reasons to switch your brand of cosmetics to options that are cruelty free. Click here to learn why you should join the fight.


Switching to cruelty free cosmetics keeps you gorgeous, glowing, and kind.

These beautifiers work on all skin types and satisfy preferences on smells, ingredients, and colors.  Here are five reasons why the switch needs to happen today.

Five Reasons to Switch to Cruelty Free Cosmetics

These five reasons prove the importance of making the switch to cruelty free products.

1. Keep Cute and Cuddly Video Stars Alive

You might enjoy watching viral videos of cute animals.

You probably never think about how many cute animals suffer to make the cosmetics you use. Many cosmetic companies test on animals. This means when you use their products, you’re supporting animal testing.

Animal testing is:

  • cruel
  • outdated because of the use of 3D models and cells
  • prone to inaccuracies

It’s inaccurate because ingredients that harm people will not always harm animals (and vice versa.)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require animal testing to ensure the safety of cosmetics.

Switching to cosmetics that don’t animal test is one of the most effective ways to protect animals, cute or not.

2. Stop Using Animal Ingredients

Cruelty Free cosmetics

Some cosmetic companies say they don’t test on animals. However, they still make products that contain animal ingredients.

Glycerin is one such ingredient.

Natural cosmetics enhance your beauty without killing animals. There’s no reason to use these ingredients when they can be produced naturally, without violence.

3. Stop Drenching Your Skin with Harmful Chemicals

Advertisers try to tell you that mainstream cosmetics nurture your skin.

Instead, those products drench it with parabens and other dangerous chemicals. Some of the chemicals are classified as carcinogens.

blog that keeps you in the know about how to look your best.

Give your skin a healthy glow, be kind to animals, and look after Mother Earth. Take a look at our products to find out how.

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