5 Surprising Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

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5 Surprising Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

Haven’t made the switch to vegan skin care yet? There are more benefits than you think.

Vegan skin care products are not only non-toxic and cruelty-free, but they are also bursting with healthful benefits and feel-good advantages.

Whether it’s a hydrating mask, moisturizer, cleanser, or high-quality serum you’re looking for, there are vegan options available. Vegan skin care products allow you to remain up to date with all your beauty requirements. There is no need to support harmful practices within the industry while taking care of your skin.

Here we take a look at five benefits of vegan skin care products which you may not have considered.

1. Soothing For Sensitive Skin

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Are you prone to breakouts, blemishes, or rashes? Vegan skin care products could be the answer.

The list of ingredients contained within vegan products is shorter than other beauty products. Each of these ingredients has been tested for skin sensitivity.

Vegan products are suitable for many people who are unable to use chemically-enhanced beauty products.

2. 100 Percent Cruelty-Free

Vegan skin care products are not tested on animals. If it is important for you to know that no living creature suffered during the making of a product, the vegan option is the right option for you.

Many traditional beauty products have been tested on the eyes or skin of small animals. By choosing vegan you can be sure that no animals were hurt or harmed.

3. Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Vegan products are packaged using recycled materials to lessen the impact on the environment.

Not only is your vegan beauty product itself made with particular attention to non-harmful practices, but the box it is supplied in is also vegan-friendly. You can rest assured that your vegan purchase is not adding to environmental issues.

4. No Animal By-Products

Many non-vegan beauty products include the by-products of dead animals. These can include such materials as uric acid from cows, extracts from dead insects, lanolin from sheep wool, and beeswax.

Vegan beauty products are 100% animal-free. No animal products are used in the making, ingredients, or packaging of vegan skin care products.

5. Avoid Pesticides

Because vegan products do not use animals in their ingredients you are able to avoid the chances of your skin coming into contact with pesticides.

Consider the lanolin (a popular product in traditional beauty products) obtained from sheep wool. During the sheep’s lifetime, the animal will be dipped to prevent vermin. The pesticides can linger in the lanolin when the product is extracted.

Skin absorbs the beauty products which are applied to it. Make sure that pesticides are not included in your beauty regime!

Vegan Skin Care Products

Vegan skincare products
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