7 Completely Natural Breast Enhancement Methods You Need to Try

natural breast enhancement

7 Completely Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

Are you looking for a way to naturally increase your bust size? Here are 7 totally natural breast enhancement methods you should try.

With the advent of cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation, it can be tempting to assume that efforts to increase bust size are a new phenomenon. But the truth is that women have been searching for natural breast enhancement methods for over a hundred years.

There are many reasons a woman might want to enhance her breasts, including personal fulfillment, or to please a romantic partner. Perhaps you have been considering breast enhancement, but have been wary of invasive and potentially risky surgeries.

Luckily, surgery is not necessary for women who want a larger bust size. Whatever your motivations are, these natural breast enhancement remedies can help you achieve the bust size you desire.

Dietary Changes

Did you know that certain foods can help increase your bust size? And, as an added bonus, most of these foods are good for you. Adding them to your diet is good for your health and for your beauty.

But to understand how your diet can impact your breast size, you first must understand what factors influence breast size.

Breasts and Fatty Tissue

While a woman’s breasts do contain milk ducts, they are composed primarily of fatty tissue. So, in order to maintain a healthy breast size, a woman’s body fat percentage should be in the acceptable range of 20-35%. Losing too much body fat could lead to smaller breasts.

Fat Can Be Good

If you have been trying to follow a healthy diet, it may come as a surprise to you that cutting too much fat out of your meals can be a bad thing. The key, however, is that you must choose foods that contain good fats. These fats help your body process nutrients and can lead to fuller breasts.

So what kinds of food contain these fats? Good choices for women include soy, chicken breast, and milk.

In addition to containing good fats, these foods can also promote natural estrogen production. More estrogen in your body can lead to breast enlargement.

Herbal Remedies

In addition to adding foods with healthy fats to your diet, there are also herbal remedies to help boost estrogen production. Boosting estrogen allows your body to take advantage of its own ability to augment breast size.

One of the best herbs for promoting estrogen production is Pueraria Mirifica. This herb comes from East Asia and is usually found in either a powder or an oil form.

Pueraria Mirifica is not just for natural breast enhancement, either. In fact, it is such a good source of estrogen that it is even used to treat symptoms of menopause, which is often caused by low levels of estrogen. Women report that Pueraria Mirifica can help with issues like weight loss and low libido as well.

For the best results, we recommend taking Pueraria Mirifica with food. Pairing it with one of the foods we discussed above is a great way to maximize its effectiveness. Also, make sure to get enough calcium when taking it, as calcium helps the absorption of estrogen.

natural breast enhancement

A Breast Enlargement Pump

The methods we discussed so far are aimed at supporting your body’s natural production of the fat cells that determine breast size. Unfortunately for many women, their bodies simply do not produce as many fat cells in their breasts as other women’s do. While dietary and herbal changes can help, they can only do so much.

Luckily, there are other natural breast enhancement options available. For instance, a breast enlargement pump works by placing tension on the fat cells that are already in your breasts. This increases blood flow to your breast tissue, making them look fuller and firmer.

The one downside of using the breast pump is the need for repeated use. The best results come to women who use the pump periodically to maintain their breasts at the desired size.

Breast Massage

A breast massage works in a similar way to the breast enlargement pump. By stimulating blood flow to the breasts, it works well as a natural breast enhancement method.

This massage can be performed fairly easily at home. Simply knead your breasts gently with both hands, moving them both clockwise and counterclockwise. You should do this massage a few times a week.

Additionally, there are some gels and lotions you can use that contain herbs associated with natural breast enhancement. Using these gels while performing your massage can improve results.

Exercises for Breast Lift

For some women, size is not their biggest concern when it comes to natural breast enhancement. Rather, they feel that their breasts hang, or sag, and want a solution to lift them.

If this is the case for you, there are many exercises you can do at home to help lift your breasts. These exercises strengthen the muscles under your breasts, making them look fuller and firmer.

Any exercise that strengthens your chest muscles is good for your breasts. These include pull-ups and pushups.

Wearing the Right Bra

Most women do not realize that wearing the wrong bra can affect the size and the shape of your breasts. But it’s true.

If you are not getting the proper support from your bra, this can cause your breasts to sag. Over time, gravity will change the shape of your breasts, leading them to look less full and firm than they would otherwise.

Choosing Natural Breast Enhancement for Your Beauty Needs

With these tips in hand, you will soon be on your way to achieving the bust size you desire — no surgery required!

Did we miss any of your favorite natural breast enhancement remedies? Let us know in the comments!

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