Why You Should Avoid Harsh Face Skin Care Products

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Avoid Harsh Face Skin Care Products

If you’re looking to change up you’re skin care regimen, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals. Discover why you need to avoid harsh face skin care products.

If you go to your bathroom at look at your skin care products, there’s a good chance that you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients in them. While some of these ingredients are fine, there are others that can be quite harsh on your skin.

When it comes to face skin care, you should always be careful about what you put on.

Natural face skin care products have risen in popularity over the past several years for this reason. To understand what the rise is all about, let’s look at the reasons why harsh skin care products should be avoided.

Your Body Already Has a Natural Face Skin Care System in Place

Long before many of the products we use now were sold, we somehow managed to maintain our skin’s health.

You naturally produce oils that help your skin maintain itself daily. Harsh chemicals can mess with your skin’s ability to produce these oils. Some can clog your pores as well. This is counter-productive to keeping your skin healthy.

By using natural products instead of ones with chemicals in it, you can enhance your bodies built in system of maintenance. You won’t detract from it.

Many of The Chemicals in Harsh Face Care Products Can Hurt You and the Environment

When you apply you face skin care products and wash them off, everything that is in those products gets washed down the drain. These then make their way to our water supply.

Considering some of the chemicals that are in these products, this isn’t a good thing. Some of these chemicals are harmful to humans if ingested, and some are even found to cause cancer. If a product contains things that are carcinogenic, do you really want it to be put on your face?

Many of the products also use micro beads, which are tiny pieces of plastic meant to replace the harsher pumice. The problem with these is that they are so small that they aren’t filtered out in between your sink and the ocean or lakes.

These tiny bits of plastic can then be ingested by fish and find their way into the food supply. This is bad for humans and animals, and it is unnecessary.

Many cleansers also contain petrochemicals, which are petroleum based synthetic products. These chemicals have had terrible effects when tested on rats, such as nerve damage and anemia.

There is some suggestion that these chemicals, which are also found in cleaning products, have a role in the rising rates of cancer.

The fragrances that are often found in face skin care products are also made from petroleum and coal. This not only damages the environment but also damages skin.

Harsh Facial Cleaners can Harm Your Skin

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Facial exfoliates are often harsh on your skin. Despite the popularity of them, they can actually leave your skin dry and irritated. Regular bar soaps are not a good option for cleaning your face either.

These soaps tend to be one the harsher methods of cleaning skin, often drying it out and taking away the minerals that make your skin more elastic.

Many cleaners will use alcohol as well, which has the same drying effect as bar soaps but also can make eczema and rosacea worse. Generally, for cleaning purposes, anything with alcohol shouldn’t be put on your skin.

New Information Is Always Coming Out

Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator 100% Safe from Swiss Botany

The microbeads found in face skin care products were a popular addition to cleansers for ten years before the risk was realized. That is a decade of potential damage done without anyone knowing about it.

They are now considered such a major problem in the Great Lakes region that the states of Illinois and New York want them banned.

Many people believe that the harsh face skin care products that they are putting on their faces are safe because they are checked by the FDA.

If the product you are using was manufactured in the United States, the FDA does not have authority over it. In the UK, the law is that any cosmetic type product must be reviewed by a pharmacist, doctor, chemist, or biologist.

Often, it is independent watchdog agencies that carry out the tests on products after they are released. Many times these agencies don’t have the fund for the newest technology. This means that their testing capabilities might be a few years behind the government agencies.These new tests often find problems that weren’t realized before, years after they are released to the public.

When there are natural alternatives you can use as facial cleansers, why risk your skin’s health and the environmental impact? It’s just not worth it.

Stop Paying More For Harsh Cleansers

The regular cleansers tend to cost a good amount of money. This is because you are paying for their massive manufacturing process, marketing and advertising campaigns, and the name of the product itself. These things all add up to a higher cost for you and on the environment.

With natural products, the process of making it and shipping it to a consumer is normally done on a smaller scale. This means that it’s cheaper for the company and you.

Most of these companies don’t have multi-million dollar advertising campaigns either. This means that more savings that are passed on to you. It goes without saying that natural also means that your face skin care routine can be chemical free.

Producing natural products also has less of an ecological impact. With all of the concern over environmental issues, this should be a major factor in purchasing facial cleansers.

Why Haven’t You Gone Natural Yet?

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With all of the downsides of using harsh face skin care products, the best option continues to be natural products. They are safer, oftentimes more effective, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

If you aren’t using these natural products, what’s stopping you?

If it’s a need for more information, you are in the right place. You can look at our blog to see all kinds of great advice about natural products.


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