Daily Habits That Are Causing Your Clogged Pores

clogged pores

Daily Habits That Are Causing Your Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are the enemy of healthy, glowing skin. Find out which daily habits are keeping you from beautiful skin.

Getting your skin care routine nailed down can be tough.

Finding the right products for your skin can take a while, but when you finally get that ensemble together it can cause spontaneous mini celebrations. Yay!

You put so much conscious effort into taking care of your skin that you might be missing the self-sabotaging habits that are clogging your pores.

We submit our skin through so much on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss what is harming it.

Keep reading to learn about these everyday habits that may be leaving you with clogged pores.

Skipping Out on Nightly Cleanses

We totally get it, after a busy day the last thing you want to do is spend more time on your routines and washing your face. But cleansing nightly is absolutely essential in keeping those pores unclogged.

When skipping out on face washing, you’re letting everything you were exposed to during the day sit on your skin overnight.

So if you worked out that day you’ll still have sweat, no brainer, but even minute things like exposure to city air can lead to clogged pores.

It is super important to also get that makeup off of your skin at night. Skin experts have said that every night you sleep with makeup on can lead to your pores getting more and more clogged.

After washing your skin, make sure to properly moisturize so your skin can get some rest while you do.

Not Exfoliating

Exfoliating is essential in clearing out dead skin as well as keeping skin fresh and vibrant.

Not doing so means missing out on these restorative benefits. However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much exfoliation can be extremely damaging to skin.

Make sure to choose a gentle exfoliant for your face as a rule of thumb.

Touching Your Face

This is probably the most prevalent culprit on this list. It can be super easy to casually touch your face without even realizing it.

Our hands come in contact with so many different things. Touching your face just gets these icky things on your skin leading to clogged pores.

Since it can be an automatic thing, try keeping tabs on how many times a day you touch your face and try to cut down on it.

Picking Blemishes on Your Skin!

It is so tempting to seemingly eliminate pesky blemishes by picking at them yourself. But for the sake of your skin, cut this habit out!

Picking at acne or blackheads can lead to further inflammation, more problem spots, and enlarged pores.

Like the previous habit, it can be tough to combat.

Keep your hands occupied when tempted to pick, and pay attention to what triggers your behaviour to help your ability to combat it

Coming into Contact With Dirty Items

Dirt is pretty much the worst when it comes to skin and it can pop up in some pretty surprising spots.

Keeping your bed sheets clean, specifically your pillow cases, will benefit your skin greatly.

Your phone’s screen comes into contact with your face all the time, so be sure to keep it clean. The same goes for glasses.

Yoga mats are the place to center yourself but can get pretty grimy as well.

The last surface we’ll mention is your towels. It kind of defeats the purpose of cleansing your skin if you dry it with a dirty towel. Keep it clean!

Learn More About Clogged Pores and Gain More Skin Care Tips!

OK, you’ve got this. These pore clogging habits are pretty much a thing of the past. Now, what’s the next step?

Swiss Botany’s Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask helps reduce acne fix clogged pores!

Well, learning all about keeping your skin healthy by reading our blog and leaving a comment would be a pretty cool idea!


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