What You Need to Know About Natural Anti Ageing Cream

anti aging body cream

Everything You Should Know About Natural Anti Ageing Body


What You Need to Know About Natural Anti Ageing Cream

There are a lot of anti ageing products on the market. Learn everything you need to know about natural anti ageing body cream and why it is better for your health!

In the United States alone, the industry of anti aging skin care is expected to reach the $11 billion mark by 2018.

By skin care, we’re exclusively talking about anti ageing body cream, face wash, serum, and moisturisers. This doesn’t even include supplements, another huge part of the anti ageing industry.

The skin is your body’s largest organ

Taking care of what you put on it (especially your daily skin care routine) is just as important as what you put in it. The rise of the Internet has given us tons of information on proper skin care routines.

It also teaches us about the potential harm that common ingredients can cause. In this post, we’ll tell you what to know to find a safe, effective anti ageing body cream.

Ingredients to avoid:

1. Sulfates

Sulfates are a type of surfactant, meaning they clean the surface of your skin.

You may recognize this by its common feature – a luxurious lather. Typically made in a lab using petroleum instead of sulfur (because it’s cheaper), sulfates can be drying to the skin and cause irritation.

2. Parabens

parabens on skin

You’ve probably heard rumblings about parabens, or at least noticed a recent increase in paraben-free cosmetics and anti ageing body cream advertisements.

This is because parabens, a type of synthetic preservative that keeps your skin care system free of mold, can act as hormone disruptors.

Hormone disruption is linked to everything from PMS to cancer. So, many companies are choosing to ditch the parabens in favor of more natural options. These include products such as essential oils or extracts.

3. Petroleum/Mineral Oil

Remember as a kid when you would dab some Vaseline on your dry lips?

Or did you “moisturize” your legs with baby oil after you shaved them? If you still do these things, you need to do some research on mineral oil and petroleum. You’ll realize why they shouldn’t be in skin care. There are different grades of purity for petroleum jelly. So, there is no true regulation for them.

The molecules that make up these byproducts of gasoline are water-repellant. This means that you aren’t actually moisturizing your skin. Instead, you are suffocating it.

anti aging cream

Is Do-It-Yourself Worth it?

After reading about all the potential hazards behind the cosmetics counter, many women opt to DIY their skin care products.

Pinterest is loaded with recipes and links to blogs with even more recipes for almost anything and everything you could possibly think of purchasing.

Interested in anti ageing body cream? There’s a recipe for that, and it probably contains coconut oil. Addicted to your early morning dry shampoo? Make your own, and you will smell like a cookie after you use it. There are even recipes for homemade mascara.

The Downside of DIY

However, even DIY has its downfalls. For instance, certain items are just not readily available at your local Walmart, which require then that you purchase them online. In order to do this, you will usually purchase items in bulK. You’ll also have to pay at least $5.00 in shipping and handling fees.

Once your purchase arrives, you then turn your kitchen into a science lab.

This entire process takes time, patience, and faith in a recipe. You might also need a place to store possibly excessive amounts of leftover bentonite clay or beeswax pellets.

Another issue with DIY is the time factor. Women wear many hats. We work outside the home (or inside the home.) We are the family’s accountant, teacher, chauffeur, secretary, chef, housekeeper, nurse, and coach. All of this can really fill up our already-busy schedules, leaving us little time for true self-care.

Many of us just don’t have time to spend what little downtime we might have.  For most women out there today, making our own anti ageing body cream may help us to help hide the fact that we haven’t had enough sleep in the last 10 years.

When DIY Just Isn’t For You

There are several companies that tout their “natural” lines of anti aging serum, anti ageing body cream, or anti ageing eye lifter-upper.

However, there is one company that has developed their entire brand about doing what is right for the customer.

At wholesome skin care, we take quality skin care and the customer equally seriously. Very few people actually have time to make their own skin care products.

Consumers need to know the ingredients to make an educated decision about their purchase. This is why we put the ingredients list right on our products page. You will always know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Anti Ageing Body Cream You Can Actually Afford

Swiss Botany’s Gleam helps reverse the signs of aging skin

We make purchasing inexpensive.

Most of our prices rival what you would pay if you went to Boots. However, our products are without the harmful ingredients. These include things like petroleum, sulfates, and parabens. These are what make most brands more expensive.

Once you try our products and fall in love with them, you have the option to choose (without a membership fee) a subscribe-and-save option. That way, you can save even more with a monthly standing order.

Orders are even shipped the same day they are placed (if placed before 2pm GMT.) So, your order will arrive quickly. You can begin enjoying the effects of “cleaner” skin care faster.

Most products are made right here in the UK. So, not only are you saving money and getting healthy skin care options, your purchase also goes right back into the community, supporting local jobs.

The wholesome skin care Difference

Local scientific research has developed a way to incorporate the amazing benefits of Vitamin C into a powerful for all your skin care needs.

Our range of products is designed to get your skin to its healthiest glow. It will keep you looking young.

Studies indicate that our bodies absorb what we put on them at an alarming rate.

Choose the best option for your health, your time, and your pocketbook. Your health and your younger-looking skin will wish you ordered yesterday!

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