Goodbye Freckles! Removing Freckles The Natural Way

Most women want to achieve clear and glowing skin that is free from pimples, acne or freckles. Naturally, this is possible. Say goodbye freckles with these safe and painless ways.

Goodbye Freckles! The Natural Way

There is no other painless and good way in reducing the appearance of freckles other than digging with the magic of organic products. Most of all, organic products provide better results in taking care of your skin. Goodbye Freckles!

Other than going to clinics, there are available products that can lessen the appearance of dark freckles. Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin cells which are most easily visible to people with a fair complexion.


You can find these organic materials in your kitchen and can Do-It-Yourself inside your home.

  1. Lemon Juice Extract
    • It contains natural bleaching agent that can lessen or lighten the appearance of natural freckles. In addition, apply it every day to see clearer and better results. Just apply the lemon juice with cotton and let it stay for 10 minutes and do a quick rinse. You can see the wonders of lemon juice extract in weeks.
  1. Fruit Mix Mask
    • You can always use fruits in making masks. Smashing kiwis and strawberries together can make one good mask that diminishes appearance of freckles. It helps in lessening the appearance of natural freckles. Too much sun exposure causes dark freckles to pop-out. These kind of freckles are much harder to remove because of its non-uniformity.
    • Substitutes for Kiwi and Strawberry are Apricots or Cucumbers. After making the mixture, let it dry for about 20 minutes and peel them away.
    • Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are a great contributor to Vitamin C so make sure that to include it in your diet. It decreases the appearance of freckles and it will eventually fade over time.



Goodbye Freckles
Makeup to remove freckles

Some women like fake freckles because they think its cute. So they fake these using liners and printing them on their faces. For others who want flawless skin, they use to make up to hide these skin irregularities.

  1. Mineral Powders – these are excellent natural freckle removers. These babies will never hurt your skin. It contains minerals and vitamins that make it better for people with sensitive skin.
    • Apply mineral powder with a brush to make it look more natural. Choose the shade that is one shade lighter to your skin color to cover the freckles naturally and effectively.
  2. Liquid make up base
    • This could help in covering your freckles. It is good to use this before applying powder to achieve desired coverage. Never forget to stay one shade lighter than your freckles!


Beauty Markets offer creams that can help remove or lessen the appearance of stubborn dark freckles. Beat the time and effort in making your own organic formulation with spot removers that will give you the same result as to going organic. When finding the right factory cream for your face, it will not hurt if you read the labels written on each bottle. Furthermore, find these when purchasing creams:

  1. Licorice Extract – it contains a natural brightener to remove the appearance of freckles on frequent use.
  2. Aloe Vera – famous for its moisturizing effect, it also contains vitamins and antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

Always look out for products that contain harsh chemicals that can make the situation worse. Hydroquinone and Oxybenzone are effective skin brightener but too much of it can lead to skin thinning and can wound up your skin. It will not help you in safe and painless freckle removing.


There is no other safe and easy way to remove freckles than going to the all-natural path. These ways can make you attain clearer and flawless skin that you wished for all along.

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