What Swiss Apple Stem Cells Can Do for Your Skin

Swiss apple stem cell serum

What Swiss Apple Stem Cells Can Do for Your Skin

One of the most effective natural anti-aging treatments you can find right now is Swiss apple stem cells. Read on to learn what these cool cells can do for you.

Stem cells haven’t been at the forefront of the news for a while now. They were a pretty hot topic back during the Bush era, but those were human stem cells.

Today, we aren’t going to talk about human stem cells much. We’ll leave that debate to the political and religious philosophers.

But one thing you may or may not know is that plants have stem cells too. And hopefully, after you read about Swiss apple stem cells, you’ll see their benefit.

What Are Swiss Apple Stem Cells?

Plant stem cells have actually been shown to help in skin rejuvenation. And recently the Swiss Apple stem cells are taking the spotlight when it comes to stem cell skin and cosmetic rejuvenation technology.

It began as just a rare sour fruit on a lonely hill in Switzerland. But its notoriety has come as the technology has grown. And back in 2009, the new First Lady of the United States gave the serum a boost by claiming it was the secret behind her good looks.

And since then other celebrities have taken up the call of the fruit. With Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez touting its benefits.

But celebrity fame aside, does it really help the skin? Can it really erase the years from your face? Let’s dig in and find out.

Do Swiss Apple Stem Cells Help Erase Wrinkles?

The technology is called PhytoCell-Tec Malus Domestica and it’s been studied several times over.

Three major studies were conducted on the plant cell’s ability to protect or rejuvenate human skin cells.

UV Light Test

The first was a study done with UV light. UV light is one of the biggest culprits in creating wrinkles on human skin. While UV light does stimulate Vitamin D production through photosynthesis, too much of it can and will damage your skin.

Which is why they took human cells and tested their growth under UV light. One group contained only human cells. The second group contained human cells treated with swiss apple stem cells.

The first group saw 50% death rate in normal human cells. The second group saw hardly any effect on their growth by UV light when treated Swiss Apple Stem Cells.

Hair Follicles Test

This test featured two groups of hair follicles in two different solutions.

The control group was kept in a typical solution. The experimental group was kept in a solution of PhytoCell-Tec Malus Domesticus.

As you can guess the typical solution sodden hair follicles began to die earlier than the follicles kept in the Swiss Apple Stem Cell solution.

The first only lasted 14 days, while the second lasted a full 18 days due to the stem cells.

Human Skin Test

Of course, once smaller tests are done, it’s time to move on to human testing. Fortunately, this isn’t as painful for the scientists administering the test as it was for deodorant scientists 100 years ago.

Scientists did tests on 20 women. These twenty women applied a two percent solution of PhytoCell-Tec Malus Domestica twice for four weeks.

After two weeks the number of crows feet on their faces diminished by 8%. After four weeks they diminished by 15%.

How Does Swiss Apple Stems Cell Technology Work?

The body’s ability to continue living depends on cell replication. And your body is using stem cells all the time to create new cells in every organ you have including your skin.

Stem cells create specialized cells that adhere to a specific organ. There are heart stem cells, skin stem cells, kidney stem cells, etc.

There are more than 220 different cell types that produce out of embryonic human stem cells.

But adult stem cells only replicate into their own organ tissue type. So, adult kidney stem cells will only produce kidney cells.

This is a repair system. Just like replacing the tires on your car, but in the sense that your tires just constantly grew new rubber as the friction of the road shaved it off.

This is why we live as long as we do. We keep replacing our own cells at a constant rate. Basically, you’re a whole new you every seven years or so. Literally.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Technology In Humans

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

Human adult stem cells are used to treat diseases and repair burns. Science also has an interest in how these cells might impact human skin and be used in cosmetics in the future.

But until we start mixed human stem cells into our creams, we have to look to plants for our skin salvation.

There are two types of skin cells that could be affected by plant stem cells.

Epithelial stem cells and hair bulge stem cells.

The epithelial stem cells maintain the number of skin cells you have. They regenerate tissue in your skin.

And the hair bulge stem cells rejuvenate and repair the cells in and around your hair follicles.

With age, these cells become less efficient. And you can’t replace your cells anymore. Which is why your skin wrinkles like old paper.

The thing about plant stem cells and Swiss Apple Stem Cells is that they are akin to embryonic stem cells.

The interesting thing about fruits, in general, is that they are actually the ovum of the plant. And they contain the reproductive cells of a plant. Which would give credence to the use of fruit stem cells on human skin.

These fruit stem cells, at least in plants, can generate whatever cell is needed. All plant cells can also revert to stem cells.

And amazingly, when applied to human skin, they use their epigenetic properties to boost replication.

This all points to the validity of plant stem cell use in human tissue rejuvenation and protection from harmful environments.


In learning about Swiss Apple Stem Cell therapy, you’ve been given an opportunity to rejuvenate your own skin. It’s an approved therapy and it’s becoming more and more popular. Visit Swiss Botany’s Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum page for the best quality organic serum.


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